Who are your bankers and custodians?
The group has long established relationships with well respected global custodians: details of which will be shared with clients on application.
How are investment decisions made?
The Investment Committee meets once per calendar quarter to review the list of approved investments, some investments are added and some are removed from the recommended list. Once the list is compiled, the discretionary advisors begin the process of rebalancing the portfolios.

Advisory clients are also notified of the new approved list and any changes that were made during the last meeting.

How much do you charge?
The group’s fees are transparent and in line with industry standards. All fees are communicated and agreed with clients in advance of any billings.
Who are your regulators?
Subsidiary companies of the group are regulated by The Securities Commission of The Bahamas, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and The Financial Conduct Authority.
Are my assets safe?
The Magellan Group adopts first-class banking policies and procedures to ensure that solid internal controls are in place at all times.
How long will it take to get money in an emergency?
The group is committed to daily execution with industry standard settlement times which are typically T+2. Cash settlement to your account will normally take a couple more days so we normally suggest clients to expect 5 business days to receive funds.
Who will have access to my application form and due diligence details?
The group is governed by privacy laws in the various juridisdictions that it operates in, and respects, as part of our core values, client confidentiality. This means that client records are maintained in a secure environment and available only to executives and staff of the Group.
What the group's tax identification numbers?
Bahamas – (TIN) 100 684 276
QI – EIN 98 – 0243181
GIIN – 9GZ 2V8.00001.ME.044

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